CL (Lux) Silk Road Equity Fund H CHF

ISIN: LU0383588042
Bloomberg: NAV: 142.06 CHF +0.150%
Termsheet: Clariden Leu
Management Fee: 2.30%
Currency: CHF
52-Week Range: 160.82 - 188.81
YTD 1M 3M 1Y 3Y* 5Y*
9.77% -0.60% 5.99% 9.13% 10.30% 1.78%
* annualised performance
Dr. Costa's Rating:

Unique investment fund with the capacity to move across all the emerging markers in the "Silk Road" including China, India, Gulf States and Balkans. Very versatile strategy and no comparative benchmark. The fund is available in Swiss Francs (with some hedging on the currency risk) US Dollars and Euro. Like every emerging markets equities fund the volatility is pretty high.